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worry to death!!

last night, I've checked the residential status
well, I am actually so pissed off to the administration
they said that they will announce it in January
but it only appeared last night
just a few days before we'll start our new semester..
at least, if they kept their promise, we could find a house before our semester break
as we have gone through such a dull, bored-to-death days in the campus..
for a couple of weeks!!
before we could really went for our semester break..
and, it happened that my studio mates and I aren't in the residential's list
so, we're worrying about where to stay, etc, etc~
thank you for the lateness!!
well, its fine if its late for days..
but this is not a joke when YOU urge us to find a house just a few days before the new semester begins.
sorry for being sarcastic, but THANKS A LOT!

Semester 2 Berakhir Pada Hari Ini..

heh, mesti pelik bila aku kata semester 2 aku baru berakhir hari ini kan?
walhal aku sudah lama duduk di rumah bergoyang kaki..
Alhamdulillah, keputusan peperiksaan telahpun keluar...
dan sebab itulah aku katakan, semester 2 berakhir hari ini..
dengan keizinan Allah, walaupun gred purata tidaklah memberangsangkan..
tetapi setiap mata pelajaran yang aku pelajari bagi semester lepas telahpun lulus..
maka tidak perlulah aku ulang mana-mana mata pelajaran pada semester akan datang..
dan, dapatlah aku meneruskan perjuangan bersama sahabat2 yang lain..
Alhamdulillah :)

Goodbye Netherlands, Hello Malaysia

well, it is not the latest picture..
its Spring, 2009
just want to share the beauty of Allah's creation..
and also the beauty of architecture..
hihi :)

my favorite flower, tulips~

erasmus bridge

netherland's castle

inside the cave

well, we did go to a cave for our design trip..
we paid RM 11 for exploring the third course..
though it sounds expensive, I bet you'll never regret the experience..!!
so, have a look~

so, this is the entrance~

well, this stalactite have crystal-like particles on it..

this course urge us to walk like a duck..hee

and whats in the cave?


holes.where would you choose to enter? hahah

sliding down.

and into the hole

we have to crawl like a soldier in there..


my ambitions ambitions have never been standing steadily
well, when I was 5, I want to be a Veterinarian
but, there's an animal that most people love, that I hate the most
maybe I had a bad experience with that animal..
well, I am ailurophobia.. 
then, when I went to primary school, I've started to love Mathematics and Languages..
so, I decide to be neither a Mathematicians nor an Ambassador
after I've learn Science and score in the subject as well as I am in Mathematics and Languages
you know what?
I set up my mind to be a Scientist!
then, I change it to Prime Minister
I want to be the first woman who become the Prime Minister of Malaysia..
then, when I was in form 2, I learn about Dr. Jemilah Mahmood..
she is a gynecologist
well, there are only a few women in this field..
and I started to imagine myself being examined by male doctors during my pregnancy..
oh noooooooo!!
so, I want to be one of the women who help other women in their health..
unfortunately, when the opportunity had come..
well, there's an objection from my mother..
so, I just go through my life and now...
I just want to be a good architecture student..
and if Allah wills, I will be a great architect someday..

p/s : architect was never been in my list of ambitions.but now, it does!

Bulan & Bintang

find the person with the name 'Moonlight' and 'My Starlight'...
well, we're classmates..for 2 years
while we were in form 4 and form 5..
we have never expected that we will be in the same class..
and the picturesque above..
was taken during 'Maulid Ar-Rasul SMKA Maahad Muar, 2008'
we sat besides each other while we were in 5 Hadi
so, we became so close..
and we fought with each other too..
the result always came out like we both either the first or second..
we're in the same team for physics project: solar car
there's a story during the racing day..
well, our car can't move before the day..
but fortunately, it went to final!
other teams said that we used black magic..
but the truth is..
we never tested it under the hot, sunny day..hik2
its been 4 years now..
wait, 4 years?
and after these years..we're still..
in the same field!!
never expected that~
well, hopefully both Moonlight and Starlight will achieve the greatest success in the arena..insya-Allah

1. kalau nak tahu yg mana 1, request ok...
2. actually, i've known her since we're 10, during a 'Maal-Hijrah Festivals for Schools' in Muar.

Hafalan Shalat Delisa

well, if you're an Astro First's subscriber, you sure can watch this through the channel..
I watched this, like I think, 3 times?
in 2 days
for me, this movie is superb!
why do I said so?
cause I can capture the emotions of this film
well, I'm kinda a stone-hearted or heartless person in watching movies..
I think, this movie is the 1st, or 2nd..
that made me cry out my tears!!
well, if and only if I could have a strength as Delisa..
the little girl who lost her Ummi-mother, her 3 sisters..
and also her legs!
she is so tough, going through the moment..
and keep on with her lives..
though it is just a movie, but I believe that there are a lot of people who have such a strength like Delisa
which for me, its a looooooong way to go to have that strength...
well people, watch this movie!!
you'll never regret this..insya-Allah~


well, maybe its too late for me to write about this movie..Al-Hijab
but believe me not, I watch this movie, fully..
so, for me..Al-Hijab, the movie is not reallly interesting
or, it does not excites me
except for the great beginning
now, I would like to question the readers (if there are any)
have you ever thought like Pierre Andre in the movie...
to open up your hijab?
well, if you thought so..I told you just to forget it
there are people who got the ability to see 'things' but he/she actually don't feel pleased with it
cause, sometimes, its troublesome..
if Allah does not will to let you see 'things'..
just bear with it..
HE knows better whether you can go through to see 'it' or not... :)

2012: Sejauh Mana Kebenarannya

well, there was a program held last night..
for me, its really interesting, even the title was so catchy..
2012 : What's the Truth.. <-- I translated this
it was a kind of lecture, or should I say a share?
given by the winner of Astro Oasis' Imam Muda 1st Season, Imam Muda Asyraf..
well, he's talented and really2 good in giving speech, plus..
he kept us hearing on every single words from him..
well, the main thing that I can conclude here is..
don't believe on those ideology that Qiyamah will be this year
it is too complicated and its kept as a secret by Allah..
just focus on your deeds like you would die any seconds from now, without wondering when will Qiyamah will be...
cause, do you think you will live till then?
do you know the fact that we will die at any time..
so, if you're calculating and expecting it, and then to be fated that you will die before the Qiyamah..
how are you going to reflect?
so, just remind ourselves for our death...
and reflects, to prepare ourselves for the day for us to meet Him..
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