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worry to death!!

last night, I've checked the residential status
well, I am actually so pissed off to the administration
they said that they will announce it in January
but it only appeared last night
just a few days before we'll start our new semester..
at least, if they kept their promise, we could find a house before our semester break
as we have gone through such a dull, bored-to-death days in the campus..
for a couple of weeks!!
before we could really went for our semester break..
and, it happened that my studio mates and I aren't in the residential's list
so, we're worrying about where to stay, etc, etc~
thank you for the lateness!!
well, its fine if its late for days..
but this is not a joke when YOU urge us to find a house just a few days before the new semester begins.
sorry for being sarcastic, but THANKS A LOT!

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