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counting days..

to be taken, to be the completion of the other part..
to fulfill the responsibility of a new status..
to be somebody important to someone else..


if other people are celebrating their good results for the semester..
i'm counting days to be home..
to my beloved home sweet home..
to my beloved hometown...
to my beloved room..
Muo, I'm coming..hik2~

its less than a week!! hoyeah~
urgh, not to forget my esquisse~

2011 Post-Mortem...

maybe its a bit late since January seems to say goodbye soon
well, 2011 seems to be a bittersweet year for me
being a university student, exposed to a whole new world for me.. -->architecture
having lots of new friends, all sorts of kind
well, not all are positive..there are also negative things..
I wish that I could relegate all the negatives and hold on to the positive things my whole life
well, I did quarrel, a lot! hahah
but that makes me think and make self-reflects
the best part is, my relationship with whom I quarrel with became even closer than before
we even share few secrets of our own to each other..heheh
learn from experiences, self-reflects and think how to improve ourselves..
insya-Allah, we'll be better person
hoping to be perfect? hahah
'perfect' have never been in my life-vocab as what has Hlovate wrote in Versus..
  You'll never reach perfection because there's always room for improvement.Yet all the way to perfection, you'll get better
hopefully, I'll get even better, day by days..
insya-Allah :)

Sekalung Al-Faatihah Buat..

sebentar tadi aku melihat senarai hari lahir sahabat di muka buku --> facebook
dan salah seorangnya...
seorang adik a.k.a junior semasa di sekolah
juga merupakan rakan sejawat..
hari ini tarikh kelahiran beliau
yang ke-20, sewajarnya..
tapi hari ini dia sudah tiada
lama sudah dia meninggalkan kami
tapi aku takkan lupakan dia
Anas Kamil Bin Ahmad..
orangnya baik pekerti
sopan santun, ringan tulang
selama mengenalinya, aku senang dengan perilakunya
insya-Allah, tergolong dalam kalangan orang2 yg soleh..
Al-Faatihah utk Allahyarham Anas Kamil Bin Ahmad..

p/s : aku rasa aku dah boleh deactive fb..atau wasiatkan kepada waris aku utk deactivate akaun fb bila aku sudah meninggal dunia nanti..

kalau suka...

I am one of the person who will hardly to fall in love to someone
but when I fall for someone..
it will take almost forever for me to forget my likeness for him
yeah, I am a teenage too
maybe once...
I'm lying if I said I haven't fall for someone at all
well, I am normal
I did fall for a guy
my best friends did not know who he really was..-->sorry girls..
they were just guessing names, etc
I feel so shy and blushed each time I was in front of him
my heart uncontrollably beats faster than usual
but at the same time, I've acted cool
its been years now --> more than 5 years? I didn't really remember when I did start falling for him
and even now, I still like him :)
even though we're thousand miles apart --> maybe thousands or less
 I don't know why I adore him so much
I heard from my friends that the guy likes me, just waiting for the right time to approach --> they didn't know that I like the guy
is it real? or they are just pulling my legs??
I had once hoped that it was for real..but I kept it rational
I may be the one who have a crush on him, while he is much,much,much way better than me
sorry girls, I didn't mean to keep it a secret from you all
but I think its better if I kept a secret from all..
let only me, and Allah knows who he really is.. :)

design brief..

well, after the internal review previously, we had the design brief for next semester
AAR 500 - Deign II
will I take this subject next semester, or I'll have to repeat Design I?
hopefully I'll moving on, Insya-Allah
well, our studio master will be En. Nas, who taught us this semester too
so, it wouldn't be too difficult for us to adapt with his tutoring style, cause we've already in it, perhaps~
and the other lecturers are not sure yet, they will decide on the next meeting, En. Nas said
we're going to have 3 mega projects..(chewah~)
and the theme is...Travel and Living!!
so we're going to Kelantan, Malacca, TLDM and KL Central...insya-Allah
scales for the 1st and 2nd project will be 1:1
so, I can't never stop imagining how big my models will be..heheh
and the third project, I didn't really remember the scale, but its not 1:1
not to forget about our esquisse, the A2 board..
full of freehand sketches, lettering, etc..
relating to ergonomic and anthropometry..
and there's also mark for the esquisse..
so, it means,,,I can't play around this semester break..heheh
well, whatever I'm telling you now is not confirmed yet, except about the studio master
because, the lecturers from our campus have to standardize it with the other campus..
and it will be soon,,,insya-Allah
hopefully, there will be no changes anymore...
new semester, new spirit, new ideas, new attitude..

review for semester 2

AAR 450, Design 1
masuk kelas pertama pd 13 sept 2011, selasa
terus dapat first assignment, group work
buat sculpture within 2 hours
alhamdulillah, tiada masalah
20 sept, pergi Papan, our 1st trip
colour scheme investigation
paling menarik, kami naik lori dr jln masuk hinggalah ke tmn herba di situ
lebih kurang 4km
4 okt, ke ipoh pula
2nd trip-study on geometry, pattern & textures
18 okt, our 3rd and last trip for the semester
pergi gua tempurung, study on planes
best sangat...
masa pergi tu KRU productions sdg buat penggambaran 'Vikingdom'
nampaklah juga encik pengarah, hero, heroin serta cara mereka bekerja
dan kerana itu juga, kami terpaksa menyongsang arus :)
3 nov, new assignment-mood box
aku buat mood quixotic
simple, tak sehebat sahabat2 aku yg lain
6 dis, brief for our last and final project-form and space
based on instrumental music
aku pilih P.I Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture
then review, review and review
review studio-19 Jan 2012
internal review (lecturer S. Alam)-26 Jan 2012
and coming soon..
external review (RIBA's representatives, etc)-1 Feb 2012

AAR 451-Construction Technology 1
a whole new world for me
belajar pasal materials bangunan, cara buat, etc
utk semester ini, aku belajar Masonry Construction
ada 2 trip
yg pertama ke kawasan pembinaan di hadapan UiTM Seri Iskandar tu..
dan yg kedua, ke Siputeh-load bearing construction
then, present our site analysis and report on 3rd Dec

AAR 452- Ancient Civilization and Western Architecture
serius cakap, aku tak suka sejarah
tapi sejarah architecture sgt menarik
cuma..yalah kan, siapa yg mampu ingat sejarah 100% dalam jangka masa pendek kan?
terutama org spt aku, yg hanya baca buku sejarah sehari sebelum peperiksaan

AAR 454-Ecology and Sustainable Environment
siapa yang tak ingin selamatkan bumi, sila drop sahaja subjek ini
bila dah dapat kesedaran nanti, baru ambil
saya cintakan alam, jadi semestinya subjek ini sangat menarik bagi saya
salah satu assignment kami adalah menulis mengenai apa yang berkaitan di dalam sebuah blog
utk kumpulan kami-Friend of Nature
kalau dilihat, tidak banyak yang kami tulis

BAB 451- Basic Arabic 2
memang niat aku ambil subjek ini dulu sebab nak bantu CGPA
jadi, serius cakap...
walaupun aku tidaklah mendapat 100% dalam setiap kuiz dan ujian yg dijalankan
tapi, bolehlah berharap agar ia membantu CGPA aku kelak..

BEL 492-Presentation Skill
I love English
so, I've enjoyed this class so much
even though my first assessment was hilarious
but I didn't give up
I did my very best in my 2nd assessment
so, insya-Allah everything will be fine

HBU 124-Badan Pertolongan Cemas
apa yang boleh aku katakan?
ianya samalah seperti PBSM
tak dpt jadi doktor, jadi ahli PBC pun jadilah...

so, that's all what I've learnt during the semester, academically
tentang apa yg aku pelajari sepanjang semester ini dari segi lain pula, akan aku huraikan di waktu yg lain, insya-Allah..

nota kaki : harap-harap tak perlu repeat kelas design, tak perlu repeat apa2 lagi..hee~

forgive and forget

it is a quote, which is very familiar and popular for me
to forgive and forget
easily said
you may forgive, but will you really forget?
when there's scar in your heart, its hard to heal it
the wound may not be vanished
even though you hold grunge on me,
I just wanna seek for your forgiveness

saya ingin memohon maaf kepada sahabat2 sekalian atas segala khilaf, atas segala kata2/perlakuan yg mengguris hati, atas segala salah dan silap.minta dihalalkan segala ilmu atau segala perkara yg pernah dikongsi bersama saya. kepada sesiapa yg saya terhutang dengannya,,sila beritahu, insya-Allah akan saya langsaikan. terima kasih atas persahabatan ini..

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