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2011 Post-Mortem...

maybe its a bit late since January seems to say goodbye soon
well, 2011 seems to be a bittersweet year for me
being a university student, exposed to a whole new world for me.. -->architecture
having lots of new friends, all sorts of kind
well, not all are positive..there are also negative things..
I wish that I could relegate all the negatives and hold on to the positive things my whole life
well, I did quarrel, a lot! hahah
but that makes me think and make self-reflects
the best part is, my relationship with whom I quarrel with became even closer than before
we even share few secrets of our own to each other..heheh
learn from experiences, self-reflects and think how to improve ourselves..
insya-Allah, we'll be better person
hoping to be perfect? hahah
'perfect' have never been in my life-vocab as what has Hlovate wrote in Versus..
  You'll never reach perfection because there's always room for improvement.Yet all the way to perfection, you'll get better
hopefully, I'll get even better, day by days..
insya-Allah :)
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