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design brief..

well, after the internal review previously, we had the design brief for next semester
AAR 500 - Deign II
will I take this subject next semester, or I'll have to repeat Design I?
hopefully I'll moving on, Insya-Allah
well, our studio master will be En. Nas, who taught us this semester too
so, it wouldn't be too difficult for us to adapt with his tutoring style, cause we've already in it, perhaps~
and the other lecturers are not sure yet, they will decide on the next meeting, En. Nas said
we're going to have 3 mega projects..(chewah~)
and the theme is...Travel and Living!!
so we're going to Kelantan, Malacca, TLDM and KL Central...insya-Allah
scales for the 1st and 2nd project will be 1:1
so, I can't never stop imagining how big my models will be..heheh
and the third project, I didn't really remember the scale, but its not 1:1
not to forget about our esquisse, the A2 board..
full of freehand sketches, lettering, etc..
relating to ergonomic and anthropometry..
and there's also mark for the esquisse..
so, it means,,,I can't play around this semester break..heheh
well, whatever I'm telling you now is not confirmed yet, except about the studio master
because, the lecturers from our campus have to standardize it with the other campus..
and it will be soon,,,insya-Allah
hopefully, there will be no changes anymore...
new semester, new spirit, new ideas, new attitude..

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