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kalau suka...

I am one of the person who will hardly to fall in love to someone
but when I fall for someone..
it will take almost forever for me to forget my likeness for him
yeah, I am a teenage too
maybe once...
I'm lying if I said I haven't fall for someone at all
well, I am normal
I did fall for a guy
my best friends did not know who he really was..-->sorry girls..
they were just guessing names, etc
I feel so shy and blushed each time I was in front of him
my heart uncontrollably beats faster than usual
but at the same time, I've acted cool
its been years now --> more than 5 years? I didn't really remember when I did start falling for him
and even now, I still like him :)
even though we're thousand miles apart --> maybe thousands or less
 I don't know why I adore him so much
I heard from my friends that the guy likes me, just waiting for the right time to approach --> they didn't know that I like the guy
is it real? or they are just pulling my legs??
I had once hoped that it was for real..but I kept it rational
I may be the one who have a crush on him, while he is much,much,much way better than me
sorry girls, I didn't mean to keep it a secret from you all
but I think its better if I kept a secret from all..
let only me, and Allah knows who he really is.. :)

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