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Bulan & Bintang

find the person with the name 'Moonlight' and 'My Starlight'...
well, we're classmates..for 2 years
while we were in form 4 and form 5..
we have never expected that we will be in the same class..
and the picturesque above..
was taken during 'Maulid Ar-Rasul SMKA Maahad Muar, 2008'
we sat besides each other while we were in 5 Hadi
so, we became so close..
and we fought with each other too..
the result always came out like we both either the first or second..
we're in the same team for physics project: solar car
there's a story during the racing day..
well, our car can't move before the day..
but fortunately, it went to final!
other teams said that we used black magic..
but the truth is..
we never tested it under the hot, sunny day..hik2
its been 4 years now..
wait, 4 years?
and after these years..we're still..
in the same field!!
never expected that~
well, hopefully both Moonlight and Starlight will achieve the greatest success in the arena..insya-Allah

1. kalau nak tahu yg mana 1, request ok...
2. actually, i've known her since we're 10, during a 'Maal-Hijrah Festivals for Schools' in Muar.

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