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Hafalan Shalat Delisa

well, if you're an Astro First's subscriber, you sure can watch this through the channel..
I watched this, like I think, 3 times?
in 2 days
for me, this movie is superb!
why do I said so?
cause I can capture the emotions of this film
well, I'm kinda a stone-hearted or heartless person in watching movies..
I think, this movie is the 1st, or 2nd..
that made me cry out my tears!!
well, if and only if I could have a strength as Delisa..
the little girl who lost her Ummi-mother, her 3 sisters..
and also her legs!
she is so tough, going through the moment..
and keep on with her lives..
though it is just a movie, but I believe that there are a lot of people who have such a strength like Delisa
which for me, its a looooooong way to go to have that strength...
well people, watch this movie!!
you'll never regret this..insya-Allah~

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einz said... to see too...^_^

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