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well, maybe its too late for me to write about this movie..Al-Hijab
but believe me not, I watch this movie, fully..
so, for me..Al-Hijab, the movie is not reallly interesting
or, it does not excites me
except for the great beginning
now, I would like to question the readers (if there are any)
have you ever thought like Pierre Andre in the movie...
to open up your hijab?
well, if you thought so..I told you just to forget it
there are people who got the ability to see 'things' but he/she actually don't feel pleased with it
cause, sometimes, its troublesome..
if Allah does not will to let you see 'things'..
just bear with it..
HE knows better whether you can go through to see 'it' or not... :)


einz said...

almost penah nak benda bile pk2 balik tok apa...hehehe....minta dijauhkan~ngeee

einz said...

tag najmi...jom join~

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