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2012: Sejauh Mana Kebenarannya

well, there was a program held last night..
for me, its really interesting, even the title was so catchy..
2012 : What's the Truth.. <-- I translated this
it was a kind of lecture, or should I say a share?
given by the winner of Astro Oasis' Imam Muda 1st Season, Imam Muda Asyraf..
well, he's talented and really2 good in giving speech, plus..
he kept us hearing on every single words from him..
well, the main thing that I can conclude here is..
don't believe on those ideology that Qiyamah will be this year
it is too complicated and its kept as a secret by Allah..
just focus on your deeds like you would die any seconds from now, without wondering when will Qiyamah will be...
cause, do you think you will live till then?
do you know the fact that we will die at any time..
so, if you're calculating and expecting it, and then to be fated that you will die before the Qiyamah..
how are you going to reflect?
so, just remind ourselves for our death...
and reflects, to prepare ourselves for the day for us to meet Him..

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