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my ambitions ambitions have never been standing steadily
well, when I was 5, I want to be a Veterinarian
but, there's an animal that most people love, that I hate the most
maybe I had a bad experience with that animal..
well, I am ailurophobia.. 
then, when I went to primary school, I've started to love Mathematics and Languages..
so, I decide to be neither a Mathematicians nor an Ambassador
after I've learn Science and score in the subject as well as I am in Mathematics and Languages
you know what?
I set up my mind to be a Scientist!
then, I change it to Prime Minister
I want to be the first woman who become the Prime Minister of Malaysia..
then, when I was in form 2, I learn about Dr. Jemilah Mahmood..
she is a gynecologist
well, there are only a few women in this field..
and I started to imagine myself being examined by male doctors during my pregnancy..
oh noooooooo!!
so, I want to be one of the women who help other women in their health..
unfortunately, when the opportunity had come..
well, there's an objection from my mother..
so, I just go through my life and now...
I just want to be a good architecture student..
and if Allah wills, I will be a great architect someday..

p/s : architect was never been in my list of ambitions.but now, it does!

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