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entry khas utk puteri LIPO

baru2 ini aku selalu baca nukilan LIPO a.k.a Nur Syazwani Azre, sahabat saya~
ini dia si cantik rupawan
i know that you're going through a hard emotional moment right now
its between your will and your mom
jarang sekali aku meluahkan mengenai apa yg terbuku di hati sejak 2 tahun yg lepas
ya, 2 tahun...
masa yg agak lama tapi masih sukar utk melupakannya

2 years ago, after the results were announced
even though my result was not as good as others
but it qualified me to further my studies abroad
just as I've dreamed for years
and I've got the opportunity
I've gone through the hustle and bustle
through the interviews and a lot more
and succeeded!!
its between engineering in Japan
and accountancy in UK (just like Ziha)
but in the end
my parents asked me to study in form 6
it hurts!!
a lot...
I felt so upset and I've turned into a very quiet person
and I spent more time in a library..
and also in facebook
I didn't even remember when was it started
but finally, I've met a group of friends
they made me laugh
and the hatred, the disappointment
finally gone
day by day
okay, I've lied~
its not actually gone 100% cause sometimes I kept jealous with my friends who further their studies abroad
but I've seen the wisdom behind the incident
I knew a lot more people
with differ family background, differ thoughts
I learned
to think deeper
to approach differ types of people
to be more patient
and do you remember?
the crisis that happened in UK for study fund last year?
I don't know if it effect Malaysian students but it was hot issue
and the nuclear leakage that happened in Japan last few months?
even other countries affected
I would be one of the victims if I further my studies there..
Alhamdulillah, I feel great that my parents stopped me before
saya sudah nampak hikmahnya...harap kamu juga, suatu hari nanti

my dear friend
I hope you'll recover from your distress and sorrow
live your life happily
I'd love to see you smiling
I wish that you'll be given such strength to go through the dilemma
I am very sure that you'll see the wisdom..
and I believe that you're a strong, gorgeous, cute girl
la tahzan ya wani...
saya rasa saya tak cukup kuat lagi
ada siapa2 yg ingin memberikan peMUDA utk jadi lebih kuat?
maksud saya...
lebih tabah~


einz miszmessy said...

not much i could say just thank you for being my friend and be here....

shafmechy said...

sama...mak sy xbg pergi Jepun...=(
tp tu sbb mereka risau sbb syg kt ambil positif la

aku_najmi said...

syaf: hehe,,mmg,,tp parents saya sgt sibuk...selalu tiada...jadi,,kadang2 timbul persoalan apa guna belajar di tingkatan enam dan ditinggalkan keseorangan di rumah...dulu la...sekarang dah terbukti,,,pilihan mereka sentiasa yg terbaik buat kita:)

sakura_sue said...

entry ntok aku pulak x de ke?? hehe

aku_najmi said...

insya-Allah coming soon!! :)

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