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Day 4: 10 Things You Want to Say to One Person

if and only if
he's still alive
I would say to him...

1. Take care of your health
 though you are medical student
it doesn't mean you didn't have to take care of your health

2. Have your meals by time
he was a medical student
but he didn't really take good care of himself by abandoning the meals

3. Don't call me when there are no urgent things
well, you actually didn't called me oftenly
but sometimes you just call just for nothing
you did an international calls
and its a waste of money
you'd better use the money for my dowry :)
4. Erase my pics in your PC
it would cause heart disease
which will lead us to hell
and I actually hate stalkers
you're such a stalker because you copied my pics without my permission

5.  Sorry that I made you dissapointed
I just can't say the magical 143 word to you
cause I don't
I'll only say it to you if and only if you're my husband
6. Are you jealous with me?
that day i uploaded new pics in one of social sites
some of the pics are only me with other men
they're my friends who are really closed to me
but your mum told me that you've sulked because of the pics
you said I don't care about your feelings
but, you don't have the right yet
we're just friends

7. Stop daydreaming
you loved to create lots of imaginary illustration
but most of them doesn't make sense
live your life and work harder

8.Work hard, but not too hard
it will burden yourself

9. Don't use too much allegorical words
I just don't understand
I'm straight-forwarded person
and your allegorical words made me confused a lot

10. Teach me better English and Spanish
you said my English is good but I think yours was much better
you did learn Spanish and I love the language
please, teach me~

the person passed away last year, 29th of June
while he is performing Dhuha prayer
Alhamdulillah, his death was really in great condition
which is a dream for every Muslim
and to be true
he's like a best friend to me
who shared a lot of Islamic knowledge with me
may he rest in peace in the whole new world

1 comment:

einz miszmessy said...

i don't why my tears comes out after read your entry this time....maybe i have facing the same things gonna be stronger dear...if ALLAH will

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