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seems unreal~

hari ni...
aku cuma nak share dengan anda semua..
the world's GREATEST architecture...
have a look!!
the crooked house
location : Sopot, Poland
architect : Szotynscy Zaleski

the basket building
location : Newark, Ohio
owned by : Longaberger

the cubic houses
location : Rotterdam and Helmond, the Netherlands
architect : Piet Blom

the book spines

location : Kansas City, Missouri, USA
architect : Hackney W.F

the dancing house
location : Prague, Czech Republic
architect : Frank Gehry
mind house
location : Barcelona, Spain
architect : Antoni Gaudi
banyak lagi yg aku nak tunjukkan.....
tapi cukuplah dahulu setakat ini...
menarik bukan?

p/s :
berangan-angan nak jadi arkitek terkemuka..
macam Alvar Aalto, Bruce Goff,  Anna Keichline, Hijjas Kasturi, Jimmy Lim, Ken Yeang..

1 comment:

einz miszmessy said...

cool~love it...wanna go see by my own eyes...

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