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new semester has begun!!

last fine Sunday morning, I went back to the campus from Alor Setar, Kedah
I was really excited
new semester means that I'll learn new things
and I'll also develop new skills in architecture

the first class supposed to be on Monday
an English class
however, the lecturer was in meeting

I have design classes on the next day
it is called Design 1
the class started at 8 a.m till 5 p.m
at first, we were really shocked when looking at the schedule and the design class will be held the whole day long
but after we've gone through it
its fine
we've divided into groups and we've given the first assignment!!
we were told to do a sculpture by nature
any man-made things were totally prohibited
we did it within 2 hours
and we presented it to the other class members
every group was doing really great including mine.heheh~

on Wednesday, I had Construction Technology class
we've been combined with upper part, I mean my seniors
as we are running through new syllabus, our subjects are the same as the upper part
then we had Ancient Civilisation and Western Architecture
or can also be called as history..heheh
this subject is really3 interesting!!
I've to search for the ancient architecture and read it before the next class as we're supposed to present it well in the class
then, we had Ecology and Sustainability
what is that?
for me, its quite fascinating
moreover, we're asked to do blog for this subject!!
wait for the moment okay..
I'll publish the blog as soon as possible with my other group members :)

just now, we had the Design 1 class again
the first group presented their topic quite well
and the presentation went through 3 hours!!
though its only about colours, there were so many unexpected questions that made us realised something
thank you for the lecturers who made us open our eyes and hearts
and made us wear the 'architect glasses'

by the way, we are going to Papan next Tuesday
its our first academic trip for this semester
can't wait for the moment!!


einz miszmessy said...

have a nice semester dear...miss u badly~hahaha....

Ibtisam Najmi said...

thanx my dear,miss u too,so much!!

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