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aku tak taw la nak define ape kan...
but there is somebody..
that always there...
in my mind..
n sometimes i heard he whisper my name...
eventhough he's far apart from me..
but i can hear his voice...
n it make me wonder...
is diz what we call LOVE?

mcm da terkena panah arjuna..hahah~
do you hear me?
talking to you..
across d water...
across d deep, blue ocean
under d open sky...
oh my, baby I'm trying
boy i hear u
i my dreams
i feel ur whisper
across d sea
I keep u wif me
in my heart
u make it easier
when life gets hard

n u know what?
the weirdest part is...
whenever I saw his pics...
my heart beats faster..
feels like gonna busts away...
bukan mamat ni yg aku maksudkan..
Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,
pertemukanlah aku dengan hambaMu yg mendambakan diri kepadaMu...
Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,
jauhi aku drpd segala kehinaanMu,
jauhi aku dr segala bentuk kemungkaran..
berikanlah aku cahaya dan hidayahMu, berikanlah aku petunjukMu..


einz miszmessy said...

be a strong and tough girl ever dear~

AKU_NAJMI said...


einz miszmessy said...

welcome....i knew you can even sometimes you feel down~

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