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Are You a Moron?

sometimes, we didn't noticed that we've been so cruel to ourselves..
why did i say that?
probably because i've seen so many people had destroy themselves by having lack of self-confidence
maybe i'm one of them
failures doesn't mean that you are a loser..
once you failed doesn't mean that you'll fail forever..
think positive!!
the phrase was proven by some intellects of the world..
THOMAS EDISON..who failed in his first experiment on inovating bulbs..
but he didn't make it as the last..
he trid over and over until thousand times until he did it..
amazing, huh?
other than that..
BILL GATES will be one of the examples that made the phrase abovewas true..
as I know..
he was kicked out of his university..(I don't exactly remember what was the university)
but now, look at him!!
he's a billionaire..
think hard, work smart!!
don't think like a loser or a moron..

p/s : saje tulis english..nak improve my english for further studies

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