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aku dan kamera o_0

okey, saya amik photography...2 credit hours...n u know what? i'm in
love with d world of photography...
but architecture still b 1 of d most important things in my life now

juz wanna share my art of photography wif all of far~
yet,I'm still a beginner..need to learn a lot more...
please leave ur comment..
I'll appreciate them :)

february 19,2011
archisport KITA

march 6,2011
teluk batik,archiRIOT

march 12,2011
kl-d wedding

march 22,2011
kuala kangsar-archiRIOT

april 2,2011

april 3,2011

may 5,2011

aar 425
antara gambar yg aku submit as an assignment

okay la kwn2 yg dikasihi...nak upload gamba lg,,,tp nak menunggu tu yg menjadi faktor kemalasan...kalau ade ape2 komen...dipersilakan sgt2!!
saya mahu belajar lebih lagi..sesape yg terror tu, bleyh la bg tunjuk ajar kat saya yea~

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